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berkey water filter scam

 Throughout your research on Berkey water filter products, you may have come across some statements referring to a “Berkey water filter scam”. What is this all about, you might be asking? After all, Berkey is clearly a legitimate, real and reputable company selling high quality products.

What could possibly make it a scam? It turns out that Berkey themselves have even addressed this issue, as any good company should when it comes to managing their reputation and ensuring that customers like you feel one hundred percent confident in investing in their products.

What Is It All About?

Where the confusion and misunderstandings began to arise in terms of people shouting about a supposed Berkey water filter scam concerns the fact that many dealers were enlisted to sell the products due to the great popularity of these particular products.

Unfortunately, due to the need to recruit many dealers at once to handle the load, this resulted in a few of them not being up to par as far as being transparent about their addresses and other contact details, and in some cases, they had poor customer service which then reflected poorly upon Berkey itself. Naturally, customers assumed that it was Berkey behind these customer service issues, when in fact it was the dealers who were responsible.

So when a few of the vocal people who had experienced some negative situations with these dealers began telling others about it, potential customers would turn to the internet and, instead of researching the quality products of Berkey, would instead go straight to Google and search for “Berkey water filter scam” – hoping they would discover some hidden piece of information which would reveal that Berkey is a company that one should not deal with. Clearly, this was never going to happen.

Snowball Effect

The disgruntled dealer customers, who experienced negative circumstances surrounding their purchase of Berkey products, then turned to the internet to see if anyone else had experienced what they described as a “scam”.

In turn, Google started to store these search queries in their database. Due to the way that Google and some other search engines work, this led to the term Berkey water filter scam becoming a stored search query, thus, when someone simply started to type “Berkey” into the search engine query box, Google attempts to finish their search term by displaying a number of suggested phrases in a drop down box.

One of these inevitably was “Berkey water filter scam” – due to the fact that this was a search phrase that was now stored in their database. As the snowball effect would have it, more and more people then clicked on this suggested search term, understandably wondering what it was all about.

This then led Google to believe that this is a popular search phrase that people are interested in, so it became a more prominent suggestion in their search suggestion box.

When evaluating whether a product is right for you, always read reviews about the actual product and the brand name behind it; rather than paying attention to people’s opinions about a particular dealer.

This is the mistake that many people seem to have made with Berkey water filter products, potentially leading them to purchase other, lesser quality brands in the end, simply due to an unnecessary misunderstanding.

Buying Berkey Products The Right Way

So it goes without saying that to avoid any mishaps, one simply needs to purchase their Berkey products from a reputable source. The very best and most reliable method is of course to purchase through the official Berkey website.

Their secure online shopping cart now allows you to easily select the products you want to buy online, apply any discount code you might have and then pay securely via credit card or Paypal. They also provide extensive customer service options such as phone and email support.

If however you do plan to purchase from a dealer, then there are some simple and fast ways to discover whether they are reputable and trustworthy. This includes:

  • Finding out their contact details including a physical address, phone number and other customer contact information.
  • Can you talk to a real person in the company? If not, you should probably stay away.
  • Do they have a professional website with detailed information about their company and the products? A good dealer should have nothing to hide and should never publish misleading information.
  • What payment options do they have? If online, is the online shopping cart safe and secure? Never submit your credit card details to a website that does not display the padlock icon in your browser on payment pages.

These little things all add up to indicating whether a dealer is one that you can trust with your purchase. Buying directly from the Berkey website however, removes all the risk and ensures that you know exactly what you are getting, as well as getting it at the very best current price.
Click here to go to the official Berkey website today!

Big Berkey Water Filter Review

Buying a water filter for your family can be a stressful decision. After all, you want to get the very best, but you don’t want to spend an absolute fortune, nor do you want a unit whose price tag exceeds the quality you would expect after paying so much.

A good water filter should not only be able to provide clean fresh drinking water, but it should also not require excessive and expensive maintenance, nor should it need to be replaced. This is why doing your research into brands and models is so important; yet it can be overwhelming to know where to start.

We are here to help you out! Below you will find out research on one of the most popular family sized water filters around – the Big Berkey Water Filter. Read on to find out if it’s what you’re searching for!

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I’ve tried lots of water filter systems for a long time. I have actually constantly taken pleasure in being healthy and balanced and buying products that will certainly offer me optimal wellness. In my younger days, I didn’t realize that the water supply I got were actually much more hazardous compared to helpful. They did not strain impurities like fluoride, chemicals, parasites, radon 222, bacteria therefore a lot more.

Considering all these things, like pharmaceuticals and hormones, is located in tap water, I can’t think water from your tap is considered safe to drink. Exactly what makes it worse is that all the water filters you can buy at your local convenience store do not strain any one of this. I felt there had to be something much better there and I was identified to locate it.

Therefore, after much study, the very best product I discovered on the market is the Berkey Water Filter. This company has astonishing products that are available in various models to fit any kind of family or group. They’re also helpful for interior or exterior use. This gravitation water filter could filter at the very least four gallons each hour. They are appealing and sit straight on your countertop.

These filters are better than others since they take out all the impurities I specified and far more. They can purify treated water and untreated water. Not only is the water tidy and pure, it also tastes good. The first times I sampled this water I couldn’t believe exactly how fresh it tasted. Whenever we entertain over, they agree that our water is excellent and pure tasting.

There are even more reasons to have a Berkey. They are easy to clean and easy to construct. The filters likewise last longer compared to other filters, making them cost-effective. I was tired of throwing away cash on bad filters month after month.

I have been a happy owner of Berkey water filter systems. I’m thankful to have a filter I can trust to keep me healthy. If you obtain a Berkey filter you’ll never ever desire another.